Trump’s Big Mouth May Have Landed Him In Hell: Agrees ‘100 Percent’ To Testify Under Oath

On Friday, Donald Trump continued his crusade to shoot himself in the foot as much as humanly possible, after telling reporters that he would be willing to “100 percent” testify under oath concerning his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey.

When a reporter asked Trump if he’d be willing to testify under oath about his interactions with Comey Trump immediately blurted out:

“One-hundred percent, under oath,” Trump said Friday in response to a reporter’s question.

He also said that he’d be willing to meet with Robert Muller, the Justice Department special counsel assigned to head the Russian investigation.

However, Trump would not say whether or not he had any taped recordings of his conversations with Comey, nor when he would release such tapes if he had them. He also went a step further and directly accused Comey of leaking information.

I’ll tell you about that in the very near future,” Trump said. “Meantime, no collusion, no obstruction obstruction, he’s a leaker.”

Trump said later in response to another reporter’s question regarding the tapes: ” You’re going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer.”

Trump claimed in May that he fired Comey based on a recommendation from a deputy attorney general, who believed that Comey grossly mishandled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email case. However, Comey had a very different opinion.

“Those were lies, plain and simple, and I am so sorry that the FBI workforce had to hear them and I’m so sorry that the American people were told them,” Comey testified Thursday.

On Thursday, Comey testified under oath before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about several uncomfortable and inappropriate conversations he had to endure when he started to work under Trump.
Comey testified both in public and closed-door meetings that Trump pressured him to swear his personal loyalty after dangling the prospect that the former director’s job was in jeopardy.

The former director claimed that he was so disturbed one of his previous interactions with Trump alone in the Oval Office, in which the president personally asked him if he could “let go” of his investigation into Mike Flynn (Trump’s disgraced former National Security Adviser).

After that interaction, Comey decided to start keeping a record of his conversations with Trump. He even went as far as to draft a non-classified memo documenting their conversation and told several top law enforcement officials of the conversation immediately after it happened.

He referenced an interview Trump gave to NBC News in May, in which the president admitted he fired Comey over the Russian investigation.

Comey also referenced a New York Times report that claims Trump told Russian diplomats during a visit to the White House that he fired the “nut job” FBI director to “relieve pressure” off of the Russian investigation.

But now thanks to his bravado, Trump may have paved the way for Democrats to force him into testifying before Congress regarding his conversations with Comey and why he fired the former director.

Trump now puts Republicans, who are in charge of both houses, in an awful position. If Democrats push to subpoena Trump to testify, what excuse can the GOP offer that doesn’t make it appear that they are trying to protect their idiot president from himself?

It’s well known that Trump’s attention span is shorter than his stumpy greasy little fingers trying to reach into a cookie jar (or unsuccessfully hold his wife’s hand).

Now, just imagine how miserable he’d be sitting for several hours before a subcommittee, answering questions he doesn’t want to answer. How long would it be before he contradicts himself or says something incriminating?

When thinking about Trump’s testimony, for some reason I keep imagining an orange sherbert push pop melting on a New Orleans sidewalk in mid-July.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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