Trump U Case May Be Far From Over–And Donnie Could Be Forced To Testify

Remember the fiasco known as Trump University? Donald Trump defrauded thousands of people–senior citizens, veterans, widows–out of thousands of dollars and gave them nothing in return but platitudes and empty promises. As a result, Trump was forced to settle with the plaintiffs for the tidy sum of $25 million not long after he and Vladimir Putin won the 2016 election.

End of story, right? Nope. Now it would appear that President Trump may wind up back in court yet again on the matter of Trump U, and he could even be forced to testify under oath, an experience which will come in handy when he’s deposed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

But wait, the irony gets even sweeter because the court that ruled against the administration on the travel ban– the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals–may be the one that rules in favor of plaintiff Sherri Simpson, who claims she was unlawfully blocked from objecting to the original $25 million settlement.

As part of her argument before the 9th Circuit, Simpson says she doesn’t want to be bound by the terms of the settlement because she has plans to take Trump to court on the Trump University matter.  As George Washington University Law School professor John Banzhaf explains:

“This would ordinarily permit her to force Trump to testify under oath as part of her pre-trial discovery, and also demand that he produce relevant but still secret documents. If she wins, Trump may be forced to face her attorneys in pre-trial discovery, because the U.S. Supreme Court has held that even sitting presidents are not immune from civil law suits.”

Just imagine how pissed off Donnie will be if the court rules against him and decides Simpson’s motion will proceed, meaning that the president will be sworn under oath in the case. And here he thought that $25 million would solve all of his problems!

It’s called karma, and it could be about to bite President Trump squarely on his fat ass.

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