Know-Nothing Trump Wants To Make Americans Grovel Again – Cuts Safety Net Programs He Doesn’t Understand

Trumplethinskin (aka. President Donald Trump) is cutting a lot of safety net programs meant to help disabled and poor people. Office of Management and Director Mick Mulvaney said:

“We are no longer going to measure compassion by the number of programs or the number of people on those programs. We are going to measure compassion and success by the number of people we get off of those programs to get back in charge of their own lives.”

I think they are missing the concept here. Many of these people can’t get off of these programs; self-sufficiency is not necessarily the goal here. These programs help people keep food on the table and keep their houses warm among other things.

Some of these people already have jobs and STILL, can’t make ends meet! These programs are meant to reduce poverty. These proposed cuts are surprising to many because these programs have bipartisan support.

One study looked at 145 funders and providers. It concluded that the way to evaluate these programs is to look at their goals and to see if they are accomplishing those.

For example, one program on the chopping block is the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), otherwise known as “food stamps.” Many people on this program face stigma. They get called “freeloaders” and worse things.

Self-sufficiency is a way to measure some social programs, such as those for job placement. However, many of the social programs on the cutting block don’t have this as a goal. Trump doesn’t get the point, as usual.

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