So THAT’S Who Created All Of Donald Trump’s Fake Followers On Twitter

Back in May, President Trump blocked a lot of people on Twitter, including many who were officially following him on the social media platform. But doing so meant that he reduced the total number of people he could brag were hanging on his every posting. What’s a self-obsessed narcissist to do?

Easy! You just buy millions of fake followers. And that’s exactly what the Donald did. Because to an egotistical prick like Trump, money can solve any problem.

The president bought so many new followers so quickly that an audit showed at least half of Trump’s so-called followers were suspected of being fake.

But now, thanks to the New York Daily News, we know that Trump didn’t actually foot the bill for all those new Twitter acolytes. Instead, it was all the idea of Robert Mercer, who is described as a:

“Republican mega-donor and staunch Trump supporter.”

Oh, and Mercer also happens to be a former computer scientist who worked at IBM. Matter of fact, he was one of the people who helped develop technology which led to the famous Watson super-computer.

In recent years, Mercer has shifted his focus to politics, specifically to financing various right-wing Republicans running for office around the country. He was also one of the key financiers of the Trump for President effort in 2016. In other words, he’s partially to blame for putting a madman in the White House.

So now Mercer is creating bots for his Oval Office puppet. Can bots influence voters? Simon Crosby, chief technology officer at a firm called Bromium, says they can and did play a role in both the Brexit referendum and the 2016 election:

“Fooling humans into doing things in the electronic realm turned out to be really easy.

“But with a few extra steps that seem available in the right circles, it could get even easier.”

Especially when rich assholes like Robert Mercer bankroll the whole thing.

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