Petulant POTUS May Wait Until Last Minute And Try To Block Comey’s Testimony

While it’s true that he’s President of the United States, the fact remains that Donald Trump has the mentality and temperament of a child. No matter the issue or the debate, you can count on him to take the low road and wind up looking like a spoiled rotten 5-year-old.

Though we need no other examples of Trump’s childish behavior, we may get a hell of a display as soon as next week, perhaps just a day or even a few hours before former FBI Director James Comey is set to testify publicly before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

How could Trump block Comey from testifying? By using the doctrine of executive privilege. It might even work temporarily. But the backlash against Trump might make such a decision political suicide. After all, if Trump says he’s done nothing wrong, then why should he care what Comey has to say?

But this isn’t your normal, rational adult we’re dealing with. This is narcissist extraordinaire and pathological liar par excellence Donald Trump, who is enraged at the mere thought that someone might publicly disagree with him or make him look like the douche canoe he always has been and will be.

Asked Friday if indeed the president would claim executive privilege and try to keep Comey from telling his side of the story, senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway replied:

“We’ll be watching with the rest of the world when Director Comey testifies.”

Would Trump up the ante and make himself look even more guilty by trying to keep Comey from testifying? Don’t be surprised if he does. Trump can almost always be counted on to do the single stupidest thing you can possibly imagine.

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