Pathetic Palin Now Running Clickbait Site Where She Writes About ‘Hot’ Alpha Males

Oh, how the brainless have fallen.

Half-term Alaska governor and failed GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin once had it all: A book advance, a television show, a gig on Fox News, and a website where she could broadcast her birdbrained rantings. For a failed politician, she was doing well. But now she’s fallen on hard times.

How bad is life for Stupid Sarah these days? Well, she’s transformed her personal website––into a right-wing clickbait site that features stories carrying her byline and titles like this:

“Alpha Males…Hot Hot Hot!”

“You, Sir, Are Unfortunately Being Used by Democrats.”

“Trig’s School of Life. We’re all learning!”

Olivia Nuzzi of New York magazine discovered the odd change to Palin’s website, and explains:

“(This) is not the kind of website typical of former politicians or even political has-beens who retain a lingering hope that they will hold office again. For instance, the website for Rick Santorum is designed to solicit donations for some unspecified endeavor, likely to pay off existing campaign debt or to rack up more of it in another race. The sites belonging to Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, and Michele Bachmann are there to collect the email addresses of their supporters, information that may one day be harnessed to fundraise for a campaign. Martin O’Malley’s asks for donations and contact information, his plans for 2020 plain as day. (Most somber of all, Jeb Bush’s simply says, ‘Thank You.’)”

In other words, Palin is just trying to get paid, and she doesn’t give a damn about the veracity or seriousness of the content on the site. One fellow conservative blogger had this to say of Palin’s sad efforts:

“They are appealing to the lowest common denominator of media consumer with no real editorial standards.My guess is that her team believes that slapping her name on stories like this is an easy way to continue to have people reading her name, while also bringing in some money through programatic ad revenue.”

Sarah Palin is a freaking joke. Always has been and always will be. Don’t be surprised if one day a disgraced and impeached Donald Trump is running a site like Palin’s. Provided his probation officer will let him.

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