OMB Director Justifies Trump Budget That Screws Americans As ‘Compassionate’ Move

Office of Management and Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney testified on Trump’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2018 before the House Budget Committee on May 31, in an effort to review it for the coming year 2018.

The presidential budget reveals a massive cut to federal spending, of at least $3.6 trillion over the next decade. The steep slash focuses mostly on Federal Agencies and its various grant, loan, and social aid programs slated to help the poorest Americans.

According to Reuters, these include a $610 billion cut from Medicaid and a minimum of a $192 billion cut in food stamps over a decade.

So much for Trump’s promise to not touch Medicaid.

Trump’s budget also includes a double-digit spending cut for the Environmental Protection Agency – what’s been called “the biggest swing of the budget axe” in 2018 alone.

Trump cuts the EPA budget by 31 percent, or 8.2 billion, and:

“The EPA’s Office of Research and Development would have its funding reduced by half, from $483 million to $250 million.”

As expected, the Trump budget also completely eliminates popular institutions such as the National Endowment for Arts and Humanities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and others.

He justifies the cuts by claiming with some seriously faulty math that the budget is designed to increase economic growth by 3 percent and put “taxpayers first.”

Analysts concluded that it will change the tax code, with the majority of its benefit going to upper-income earners.

According to the Hill, Mulvaney said:

“We are no longer going to measure compassion by a number of people on those programs. We are going to measure compassion and success by the number of people we help get off those programs and back in charge of their own lives.”

A private Analyst, Stan Collender declared it a gimmick judging from the fact that it is short of all Trump promised during his political campaign. A top-ranking Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky who was on the House Budget Committee said the president’s budget has never been a starting point for anything.

It was too skinny and had no chance of going anywhere.

According to the LA Times, the House rejected the Trump budget, and instead will vote on a modified, albeit still nastily underfunded, budget.

Roy Loewenstein, a spokesman for Rep. Nita Lowey of New York said the budget will be· dead on arrival with Democrats if early reports on its contents are any indication that it should be with the bipartisan majority that approved the package of spending bills three weeks ago.”

Watch Mulvaney try and justify Trump’s massive budget cuts as compassionate:

Featured Image: Screenshot Politico Video.

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