Lou Dobbs Blames ‘Secular Left’ For Violent Rhetoric But RWNJs Commit Majority Of Attacks (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Lou Dobbs is no friend to the Democrats. He said on his show this week:

“As we have seen the secular left rise and hostility within it rise, it has become a threat to domestic order, and to this administration.”

“It’s irrational, and there is no, if you will, mitigation on the part of the national left-wing media. Indeed, they have become collaborators, accomplices in those acts of subversion and the effort to undercut this lawful administration. This is something we’ve never experienced.”

This is not the first time he’s ranted against us. He once said in an interview with Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.):

“You know, Congressman, I agree with everything you say. I do think it’s important that we take note that the left in this country is trying to kill America.”

“It is a wonderful thing to speak of unity and joining hands, but what we are watching, and in play now is an outright assault on the president of the United States, by the left, by the most extreme wings of the Democratic Party, who have vowed that they will fight through — talking about Russian collusion, irrespective of no evidence, no facts, through the midterm elections because they find that to their political advantage.”

And Trump talks about a witch hunt? This guy is out to get every liberal in the country! The hypocrisy of Republicans is just ridiculous!

A recent report from the Government Accountability Office said:

“Since September 12, 2001, the number of fatalities caused by domestic violent extremists has ranged from 1 to 49 in a given year. … Fatalities resulting from attacks by far-right wing violent extremists have exceeded those caused by radical Islamist violent extremists in 10 of the 15 years, and were the same in 3 of the years since September 12, 2001.”

RWNJs are clearly a bigger threat to the country. Most of the violence and attacks are from far-right assholes. Here’s a partial list of those violent murderers for you.


Watch the video of the exchange here:

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