Frustrated Hypocrite Paul Ryan Says He Really Wishes Democratic Resistance Would Stop

Poor widdle Paul Ryan. After eight years of being an active member of the organized Republican obstruction to anything and everything President Obama tried to do, the Speaker of the House is feeling a bit sad these days because now Democrats have turned the tables and are standing in the way of his party doing anything.

Appearing on Fox News Tuesday morning, Ryan was asked about the GOP-written healthcare bill currently in the Senate, and he blamed his own party’s failure on Democrats:

“I think the left is out of gas. I think they just basically decided¬†resist, resist, resist. They want government-run health care. Government-run health care is collapsing while we speak. It’s not working, and so what are we doing? We are replacing it with a law that will actually work.”

Healthcare, Ryan argued, is key if the Republicans want to truly earn their stripes as heartless bastards:

“I think it’s probably the biggest signature issue we have, and it’s the biggest promise we’ve ever made in the modern era.”

Oh, the irony of it all! Ryan and his GOP minions delighted in trying to thwart the plans Democrats had when they held the majority in both houses of Congress. But now, Ryan is practically begging them to allow him and his mindless minions to take health insurance away from as many as 22 million Americans. How dare those damn Democrats do such a thing!

Here’s a message for Paul Ryan directly from millions of people who have benefited from Obamacare: You think this is resistance? You ain’t seen nothing yet, asshole!

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