Dim Bulb Donnie Blames Dems For Blocking Nominees He Hasn’t Even Named!

President Donald Trump is a complete and utter moron. He’s not just stupid, he’s a freaking imbecile.

Need proof? Then consider this:

The @Fox & Friends is a reference to the intellectually-challenged Fox News morning show which had mentioned that the acting ambassador to the United Kingdom, Lewis Lukens, had praised London Mayor Sadiq Khan shortly after Trump had gone on Twitter half-cocked and incorrectly quoted the mayor and harshly criticized him for telling Londoners to remain calm after the terrorist attack. Apparently Trump thinks in an emergency it’s best to run through the streets shrieking that the sky is falling and we’re all gonna die. That’s probably because Trump is an oversized orange wimp who’s afraid of his own shadow.

Problem is, Trump has yet to nominate an ambassador to Great Britain. So his ditzy tweet becomes almost as null and void as the shrunken gray walnut the president calls his brain.

Even worse is the fact that the only nominations of ambassadors Trump has made so far can be counted on one hand:

  • Doug Manchester, nominated to serve in the Bahamas.
  • Jill Hagerty, nominated to serve in Japan.
  • Callista Gingrich, nominated to serve at the Vatican.

How in the hell is the Senate supposed to confirm people who haven’t even been named yet? Are they supposed to harness their telepathic powers and divine the names floating around in Trump’s mostly empty skull?

Sean Bartlett, a spokesman for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s ranking Democrat, Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, summed up the president’s moronic posting perfectly:

“The president’s statement is not accurate,” Bartlett said. “The president should get off Twitter and lead his team in sending more ambassadors and other crucial nominees to the Senate.

“We’re ready to do our job, but he needs to do his first. That’s how this process works.”

Job?! Work?! You expect a lazy sack of shit like Donald Trump to actually do something other than play on his cell phone and blow kisses to Vladimir Putin and play golf? He’s never done a day’s work in his entire life!

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