Darrell Issa Just Straight Up Told A Voter Trump Wasn’t His ‘First Choice’

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Cali.) denied that he ever wished Donald Trump to be the President of United States, in an interview with San-Diego Union-Tribune. Issa made it clear that his first choice for president was Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), and not Trump.

Issa told the Union-Tribune that he initially endorsed Rubio because he believed he would be a better president than Trump.

Issa also didn’t defend Trump after being confronted by one of his supporters who said he was afraid of Trump as president, saying:

“Marco Rubio was my first choice.”

Issa has never had a good relationship with Trump, he said that nominating Trump as a presidential candidate was a mistake by the Republican Party, and it has endangered their reelection efforts.

Comparing Trump to Todd Aiken, Issa said:

He was the wrong candidate, and it wasn’t until later that they realized that somebody who wasn’t thinking about what they said, who was saying things that were off the wall, brought down the Party.”

He went on,

“Donald Trump could be a national Todd Akin if our party doesn’t coalesce behind a single candidate.”

But, when Trump won the election, Issa later transferred his allegiance to him.

Joined The Trump Train

In May 2017, when Trump had a rally in San Diego, Issa compared Trump To Ronald Reagan. In his piece Memo to Bushes, other GOP holdouts: Get on the Trump, Issa rebuked other Republicans for not supporting Trump.

The congressman hoped that as he joined the Trump Train, his June 7 primary would have benefited from the support of Southern Californian Trump voters. This didn’t happen, though, as Issa won just 51 percent of the vote, or less than he has ever received since his 8 winning general-election campaigns.

Recently in a town hall when Issa was confronted by a voter who pointed out that he has been a Republican for years, and scared of Trump. Issa responded by maintaining he still maintained doesn’t support Trump.

Watch this video to see Issa compare Trump to Reagan:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Videos.

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