12-Year-Old Shuts Down Racist Trump Supporter During Debate (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever seen the average Trump supporter, then you know they mainly speak in slogans, have the IQ of a rutabaga, and tend drool a lot whenever their lord and savior, His Holiness Donald Fuckwad, speaks.

One of those brainless dipshits got more than he expected when he encountered a 12-year-old boy at a city council meeting in Huntington Park, California. A demented Trump acolyte was harassing people as they exited the meeting. As People magazine reports:

“The angry man was wearing a Trump flag and shouted ‘American! American!’ in support of the U.S. president to the people exiting the meeting.”

In the video below, which has quickly gone viral, 12-year-old Joseph Moreno is receiving praise for his public comments inside the city council chambers. The Trump supporter rudely interrupts and accuses the child of being “a little brainwashed little boy.” The obnoxious Trumpkin also tells the boy:

“I’m a racist? I’m a racist? You have no idea, you’re just a little boy!”

To that, a wise Joseph Moreno replies:

“Actually, I have an idea, because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have gotten high honors.”

As others praise the child, he continues to debate the annoying Trump fan and finally tells the racist piece of crap:

“Hey, it’s not worth fighting a little kid.”

Veronica Tomas, who posted the video on Facebook, wrote this about young Joseph Moreno:

“Mark my words…he is a future leader!”

Just the fact that a young child was able to out debate and best a supposedly grown man tells you all you need to know about the Trump faithful: They’re the perfect zombies for a man who demands loyalty while eschewing thought, logic, or heart.

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