Watch: Sean Spicer Offers FASCINATING Explanation As To Why Trump Can Bring Middle East Peace

sean spicer
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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently broke down several specific and profound reasons as to why President Donald Trump is the man to do what no other previous U.S. president was able to do. Bring peace to the middle east.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Spicer was asked how U.S. efforts to secure peace between Israel and the Palestinians would be any different from those of previous administrations. To which Spicer replied:

“I think the man is different,” Spicer responded. “You look at––the president’s diplomacy style is paying dividends.”

He added, “This president’s style is one to develop a personal bond with individuals and I think you saw that today with President Abbas — him talking so kindly about the president.”

Spicer then referenced interactions Trump had with world leaders such as Chinese President Xi Jinping and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as prime examples of Trump’s fabled negotiating skills.

One has to wonder if Spicer runs to the bathroom before and after a briefing or do they discretely pump the shit out of him while he’s up there to prevent overflow?

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