WATCH: Betsy DeVos’ Speech Left Listeners Less Educated On School Choice Than When She Started

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos spoke at the American Federation for Children’s 2017 Summit. Again, she keeps skimping on the details. She said:

“We must offer the widest number of quality options to every family and every child. We stand on the verge of the most significant opportunity we have ever had to drag American education out of the Stone Age and into the future.”

She doesn’t say how this is going to work. She also said:

“If a state doesn’t want to participate, that would be a terrible mistake on their part. They will be hurting the children and families who can least afford it. If politicians in a state block education choice, it means those politicians do not support equal opportunity for all kids.”

The program that she’s advocating for, school vouchers, siphons taxpayer money away from public schools and into religious and other private schools. That money should be going to fixing the public school system.


Later this week, Betsy DeVos spoke again about school choice, and she wouldn’t rule out giving vouchers to religious schools that discriminate. She said:

“If a parent chooses to go to a school that is not a public school, then that is a decision made and a contract made with that provider.”

When asked how she would protect students’ rights, Ms. DeVos wouldn’t say how her plan would do that. She wouldn’t say how she would protect the rights of LGBT students. DeVos’ reply was:

“For states that have programs that allow for parents to make choices, they set up the rules around that.”

Here is a clip from her AFC summit speech:

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