Trump Tower About To Experience A New Version Of ‘When Pigs Fly’

When you hear the name Donald Trump, what animal comes to mind? A rooster? A peacock? Or maybe a pig?

Yes, a pig. Perfect.

As part of a scheduled one-day protest, four golden pig balloons will take anchor in the Chicago River, and they will be aligned over the Trump name in front of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago.

The project is the brainchild of New World Design Ltd, and should be on display in August or September, according to architect and firm principal Jeffrey Roberts, who added that the message is up to the viewer of the swine:

“The design follows meticulous rationale in imparting layers of meaning but ultimately allows for interpretation by individual viewers.”

When completed, the effect will be striking, as you can see from this artist’s rendering:

The only thing that might make the display even more perfect would be to have a trailing line of animals to represent Mike Pence and the Trump cabinet. Weasels should suffice for them.

Featured Image Via New World Design

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