Trump Supporters Furious With ‘President Cuck’ For Calling Islam A ‘Great’ Faith

For months now, Donald Trump has talked tough on the subject of Islam, terrorism, and how he plans to fight against radicalism. He even told his supporters that he would quickly defeat ISIS, and yet they still exist and remain engaged in violent actions across the world.

So it came as somewhat of a surprise to hear Trump speaking in Saudi Arabia today and calling Islam “one of the world’s great faiths.” That’s true, of course: Islam, along with Judaism and Christianity, is considered to be one of the three most influential monotheistic religions in the world.

But to Trump’s most fanatical supporters, what Trump said in Saudi Arabia is unpardonable. How could he dare to stoop so low as to say nice things about a religion they hate with a fervor? Isn’t he supposed to be one of them: Stupid, filled with hatred, and angry at the world? Dammit, Donnie, you promised us you’d make it great to hate again!

In frustration, loyal Trumpkins took to Twitter and heaped scorn on their orange deity:

Poor little Trumpets! They sound so disappointed, so existentially bereft. How could they have been so betrayed by a man who has never kept a promise in his life? He promised a wall on the border, but he can’t get Congress to appropriate any money for it. He said he’d ban Muslims from entering the United States, but then he let some federal judges tell him he can’t do that. He swore he’d fight for them and give them jobs, but he hasn’t given them squat.

Welcome to reality, Trump supporters. How’s all that winning feel?

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