Trump May Have Given Data From James Comey’s FBI Computer To The Russians

When Donald Trump dismissed FBI Director James Comey on May 9, it set into motion a series of events and multiple explanations from various White House officials that resulted in the appointment of a special counsel to look into the matter of whether or not any members of the Trump team colluded with Russian agents to help the GOP nominee win the 2016 election.

Now, in an exclusive report from Patribotics, there are sources indicating that sensitive data from Comey’s FBI computer may have also been confiscated and shared with Russia.

As the report states:

“Sources close to the intelligence community report that Director Comey’s FBI computer was illegally accessed immediately after he was dismissed from his post. They further report that ‘removable media’ was used in the commission of this crime. ‘Removable media’ is a category describing physical devices that can be placed into a computer, either to download information or to upload it, such as a memory card, a USB stick, a removable hard drive, a thumb drive or similar items.

Sources further report that a person or persons allied to Donald Trump passed data accessed from Director Comey’s computer to Russian diplomats. It is not known when or how this took place. A piece of removable media containing all the data in question has been recovered from hostile actors, sources say, and is now in the possession of the Justice Department.”


Since there is no secondary confirmation of the Patribotics report, the matter of Comey’s computer data being taken is technically just speculation. But ask yourself a question: Do you doubt for a second that Trump and his allies are capable of the most underhanded treachery imaginable? If they did indeed assist the Russians to win the election, they would be only too eager to gain entry to whatever information Comey might have had that proved their despicable actions.

We can all hope that independent prosecutor Robert Mueller will look into this and all the other trails that have been left by Trump and his team. If they are guilty of what we believe, they all need to be locked up for life.

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