Trump’s Perfect Appeals Court Pick: A Clueless RWNJ Blogger With No Judicial Experience

President Donald Trump named a RWNJ blogger to a high appeals court. John Bush is a lawyer and the president of the Louisville chapter of the Federalist Society, and he is about to be a judge on the Sixth Circuit Appeals Court.

This is the same man who once likened slavery to abortion when he said that they are both the worst things to happen to this country in our entire history. That is just plain insane. He said in a blog post:

“The two greatest tragedies in our country — slavery and abortion — relied on similar reasoning and activist justices at the U.S. Supreme Court, first in the Dred Scott decision, and later in Roe.”

He has a pretty fucked up view of the First Amendment as well. He doesn’t seem to think that people should be allowed to disagree with the government. He once said:

“How could a city government create a successful recycling program if officials, when writing householders asking them to recycle cans and bottles, had to include in the letter a long plea from the local trash disposal enterprise demanding the contrary? How could a state government effectively develop programs designed to encourage and provide vaccinations, if officials also had to voice the perspective of those who oppose this type of immunization?”

This is just some screwed up logic. People should be allowed to disagree with things that the government does. It’s a core value of democracy.

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