To Celebrate Donnie’s Overseas Trip, Here’s A Video Of Him Mangling The Names Of World Leaders

Donald Trump is leaving for his very first overseas trip as pretend president on Friday, and we can only begin to imagine just how big of a fool he will prove to be while on the world stage.

As the ladies on The View pointed out, Trump cannot even manage to pronounce the names of foreign leaders. Co-host Joy Behar commented:

“Today, Trump heads out to the Middle East. God forbid. Oy, what’s going to happen there. Hopefully, he’s getting a crash course in how to pronounce world leaders’ names because it’s long overdue.”

Co-host Paula Faris attempted to defend Don the Con, saying the panel should try saying the name “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad three times fast.”

But guest host Mark Cuban shot that argument down:

“That’s not the point. He has at his disposal every resource in this country. All you’ve got to do is ask!”

But Trump can’t do that because he fears to do so would be a sign of weakness. As if a man who is afraid of his own shadow, is a germophobe, and has a fear of stairs isn’t already perceived by the majority of the populace as more than a bit of a wimp.

Keep in mind that Donald Trump is a 70-year-old man who has never had to do anything for himself. He has skated by with limited knowledge, almost no social skills, and a myriad of phobias for seven decades. Now it’s catching up with him.

Personally, I’m hoping the Saudis will serve Trump boiled donkey or sauteed camel hump just so we can all watch him turn green.

Here’s a video of Trump mangling the names of various world leaders. Enjoy!

Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab

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