This 60-Second Mashup Of Trump Staffers Telling The Same Word-For-Word Lies Is Spot On!

Donald Trump is a pathological liar. He says one thing to one person and then two minutes later he says something else to another. This was especially noticeable this week in regard to the firing of FBI Director James Comey, when all week long Trump had sent his spokespeople out to tell one story about the matter, only for the fake president to say the exact opposite during an interview with Lester Holt.

As Homer Simpson might exclaim, Doh!

The team at Anderson Cooper 360 decided to put together a 60-second mashup showing all the Trump fabricators telling the exact same talking points (i.e. blatant lies) during the 48 hours after the Comey dismissal, and it’s pure genius.

CNN analyst Gloria Borger said it best when she noted this about how the Trumpers stay on their talking points even when their boss is busy making them look like the complete fools they and the entire administration are:

“You have somebody from the podium talking to reporters clearly thought out, had it on a piece of paper, this is what happened and it didn’t happen that way And nobody shared it with [Sarah Huckabee Sanders.] She was going to go out and talk to the American public, forget us. Talk to the American public. The vice president had the same talking points. We have to believe the vice president knew that the president was unhappy with Comey. I have to believe he was not in the dark on this, I don’t think so. They went out there and gave the talking points about how this was Rod Rosenstein and now it turns out the president threw everyone under the bus.”

Here’s the mashup video via CNN. And it proves once and for all that Trump and his minions really are a bunch of buffoons.

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