Secy. Of Homeland Security Says Back-Channel Between Trump And Russia ‘Not A Bad Thing’

It was thought when President Trump named two generals to his cabinet–James Mattis as Secretary of Defense and John Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security–that this would serve as a valuable addition of men with calm, reasoned manners who would be willing to stand up to Trump and not hesitate to tell him when he was wrong.

But as we’ve now learned, both Mattis and Kelly handed over their testicles the minute they joined the administration.

Kelly appeared on This Week Sunday and was actually defending the fact that senior adviser Jared Kushner had attempted to set up a backchannel line of communication between the White House and Kremlin, remarking:

“Any way that you can communicate with people, particularly organizations that are maybe not particularly friendly to us, is a good thing. It’s not a bad thing to have multiple communication lines to any government.”

Is that right? Even when the “organization” in question is a government that interfered in our most recent national election? Even when that adversarial government would like nothing better than to destroy the United States from within and save themselves all the dirty work?

When he was asked about Jared Kushner’s clearly ill-informed contacts with Russian agents, including the Russian ambassador on Meet the Press, Kelly once again toed the Trump line, commenting:

“I know Jared. He’s a great guy, decent guy. His number one interest, really, is the nation. So you know there’s a lot of different ways to communicate, back-channel, publicly with other countries. I don’t see any big issue here relative to Jared.”

You don’t, huh? Well allow me to strongly disagree with you, General Kelly. If indeed Jared Kushner did what has been reported, he should be charged with espionage, indicted, and tried. If found guilty, he should be given the maximum penalty. I’m pretty sure that’s what would happen to a member of the military who did the same things Kushner did.

This minimizing of overtly treasonous actions needs to stop! The national security of this country is at stake, and clearly the people running things in the White House cannot be trusted to protect us.

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