‘I’m Tied Up’: Philippines President Duterte BRUTALLY Blows Off Trump’s White House Invitation

Leave it to the Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte to finally put U.S. President Donald Trump back in his place.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that both the State Department and the National Security Council were caught off guard when Trump invited Duterte over to the White House.

Human rights groups were not happy about the invitation either. Stating that it would be like endorsing Duterte’s war on drugs.

“By essentially endorsing Duterte’s murderous war on drugs, Trump is now morally complicit in future killings,”

While Duterte’s war on drugs is a different story for a different time, it is known that he is accused of backing the vigilante execution of more than 7,000 people involved in the drug trade in the Philippines. Apparently, the people around Trump think that this will ruin the image of Trump and the United States.

Thankfully, Duterte’s answer to the invitation came just this morning. And boy, was it glorious. Yes, Trump, eat your invitation. Whatever your plan was by inviting him, apparently you are not on his to-do list.

“I am tied up.”

This simple sentence ended Trump’s invitation. Duterte followed it up by,

“I cannot make any definite promise. I am supposed to go to Russia; I am supposed to go to Israel,”

Explaining his response further, Duterte said,

“It was not a distancing [of relations] but it was rather a rift between me and the State Department and Mr. Obama, who spoke openly against me,”

If you remember, former President Obama and President Duterte were not in good terms and were caught in a word-war months before Trump took over the office. This is when Duterte was accused of cursing Obama, which was debunked and explained bit by bit. Given this, it may be the reason Duterte was talking about in his explanation.

Watch here to see Duerte put Trump in his place over North Korea:

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Image via ABS-CBN News.

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