Our Illustrious Fake POTUS Is Getting Trolled Online For His Frog Chin

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump has a frog attached to his chin. How we’ve missed this for so long is unknown, but now the secret is out and nothing will ever be the same.

Frog chin Donnie is the work of artist Mike Mitchell, who has been taking photos of the so-called head of state and altering them to better highlight the amphibian residing below his nose. Take a look:

As it turns out, the frog also differs from Trump on some very big issues, such as climate change:

It’s only a matter of time before the frog is given the respect and attention he so richly deserves. For example:

Oh, and no need to worry about healthcare, because President Frog has that one covered, too:

But it seems Mitchell may have created a social media monster, because now imitators are springing up everywhere with their own take on all things frog:

Well, I can damn sure see some major nightmares on the way this evening.

h/t Resistance Report

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