Oops! Fox Reporter Abruptly Ends Segment When Man Says Trump Fired Comey To Cover Up Russia

Fox News will always be the home of the vapid, insipid, and totally irrelevant. No wonder right-wing morons love it so much: It requires zero thought and is the television equivalent of a frontal lobotomy.

On Thursday’s edition of Fox and Friends, where the required IQ for viewing is no higher than a celery stalk, correspondent Griff Jenkins was doing a live remote from a diner in Bethesda, Maryland, to find out what exactly the average Joe and Jane thought of Donald Trump’s decision to give FBI Director James Comey the ax. Jenkins asked one of the men in the restaurant:

“What do you make of what’s happening in the country right now and President Trump’s leadership?”

The man replied:

“I think people are starting to care now and realize we’ve got some pretty weak promises made by somebody who doesn’t understand we’re not in the golf business, and we’re not building buildings. He’s working for me now.”

Next, the somewhat startled Jenkins inquired:

“What do you make of the firing?”

That’s when the gentleman laid a verbal two-by-four right upside Jenkins’ weasel-like head, responding:

“I think it should have been done much earlier. I think — not to be too Machiavellian about it — why does it take such a long time for these guys to arrive at this conclusion. Is it because we’re getting too tight in finding out too much information linked to [Russian President Vladimir Putin]?”

The producers must have been screaming into Jenkins’ earpiece, “Get this guy outta here! End the damn segment!” because the next thing he had to say was:

“Well, we’re tight on time.”

Yeah, and Donald Trump is about to run out of time in office when the indictments and subpoenas are all handed down, Griff. Tell your boss, Rupert Murdoch, he might want to have a lawyer on retainer, too, since he and the Shithead-in-Chief talk so often. The grand jury might want to have a chat with Rupert.

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