Noted Historian Says A Trump Impeachment Is ‘Inevitable’

Even though he may feel secure in the knowledge that both the House and Senate are currently in the hands of his own party, a noted historian says it’s only a matter of time before Donald Trump is impeached.

Allan Lichtman, a professor of history at American University, first came to national prominence when he maintained his streak of predicting the outcome of every presidential election since 1984. But Lichtman now says the events surrounding the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey convince him that Trump’s days in office a numbered:

“He arguably could be impeached now. Arguably he’s already obstructed justice and already violated the emoluments clause [regarding receiving gifts from foreign governments]. I’m not saying we should impeach him now, I’m calling for an impeachment investigation.”

The various stories Trump has told regarding the Comey matter and the fact that he allegedly demanded personal loyalty from the former head of the FBI proves that Trump was attempting to obstruct justice, Lichtman added:

“We see credible reporting that he may well be guilty of obstructing justice in the FBI investigation, first by demanding loyalty to him personally from the man investigating him. That’s pretty blatant obstruction of justice. And then by firing director Comey and then in effect lying initially, or having his team lie in his direction, about the reasons for the firing.”

Lichtman sees plenty of parallels to Watergate, which forced Richard Nixon from office, and he predicts a similar outcome for Trump:

“Throughout his business career, Donald trump was the master of avoiding accountability, If he is true to his M.O. of more than 40 years, he may avoid accountability again by resigning. After all, it’s not like he goes back to some hovel out there in the woods.”

Based on Professor Lichtman’s other spot-on predictions, Donnie might want to go ahead and start packing his shit up.

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