WATCH: Melania Trump Publicly Humiliates Donald, Slaps His Hand Away

Melania Trump
Melania Trump slap hand Featured image via YouTube

First Lady Melania Trump just put Donald in his place during Donald’s first overseas trip as president.

The two were walking on a red carpeted airport tarmac when Donald reached behind him (because his wife usually walks behind him) inviting Melania the honour of holding his hand.

However, Melania wasn’t having any of that fake affectionate bullshit. Without looking down, she coldly flicked her wrist and slapped his tiny slimy hand away. Check it out.

Donald: Hold my hand sweetheart.

Melania: Bitch, please.

Both Trump’s 3rd marriage and his first presidency may fall apart in the same year. Now that’s one for the record books folks!

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