Kellyanne Conway SPITS On Poor And Elderly: ‘It’s Easy To Jeer From The Cheap Seats’

Kellyanne Conway
Kellyanne Conway Featured image via YouTube

Donald Trump’s senior adviser and reject witch from “The Wizard of Oz,” Kellyanne Conway once again swooped down on her broom to spit on millions of Americans who stand opposed to the American Health Care Act (AHCA also know as Trumpcare).

Sunday, during an appearance on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, host Clayton Morris told Conway that “a lot of the folks on the left” are saying AHCA “is now going to kill people.”

“It’s a hard message to be up against,” Morris noted. “To play defense against that kind of messaging, what’s the plan?”

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Conway labeled that criticism of the Republican bill as “an outrageous and untrue message.”

“Look, it’s easier to jeer from the cheap seats than come up with a message of your own and be honest about the facts,” Conway opined.

“How did we get here? Why have so many Americans asked for Obamacare to be repealed and replaced? It’s because you have premiums that have increased by 40 percent on average.”

“You know, saying people are going to die — and the enablers in the mainstream media not calling out those breathless, heartless predictions, and going right on to prognostication for 2018,” she added.

“Why in the world are we talking about who is going to win in 2018 when the duty of the mainstream media, of ‘news reporters’ is to tell you what’s actually in the bill, not to allow others to scare.”

What Kellyanne Conway and Fox News Sycophants Leave out.

Kellyanne Conway, along with her those neocon bobbleheads who call themselves journalists, conveniently failed to mention was that Republicans still refuse to answer questions about the cost and availability of health insurance for those with pre-existing conditions under AHCA.

Because if they dared to address that topic, then they may have to explain why victims of rape, who are classified by insurance companies as having a “pre-existing condition,” may have to pay more or lose their coverage should the federal government allow states to opt out of the mandatory coverage and price controls set by Obamacare.

Yeah, that’s one conversation you won’t find on Fox News or any Trump-friendly outlet.

Now somebody find a bucket of water, I think Dorthy missed one.

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