Jimmy Kimmel Shows Us How Right Wingers Tell The Difference Between ‘Fake News’ And Fox News

Whenever Donald Trump disagrees with a news report, he brands it “fake news.” This is more than a bit ironic considering that the pretend president is a pathological liar who wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up to him and poured a cup of coffee on his head.

On his show Wednesday evening, Jimmy Kimmel gave us all a better understanding of how Trump supporters and other right-wing nutjobs manage to judge between what’s fake news and what’s Fox News. It goes like this: Something is fake news if:

“1) It’s mean to President Trump2) It’s negative; and 3) That’s it.”

On the other hand, you can be sure it’s Fox News if it has these three distinctive characteristics:

“1) It’s nice to President Trump; 2) It’s positive; and 3) It has nothing to do with anything.”

Over the past week, Fox News has been especially busy pumping out half-truths and other diversions as the White House has continued to engage in what may wind up being criminal behavior. To hear them tell it, poor Donnie is being attacked by the big bad media and it’s not fair at all.

Here’s the solution to Trump’s problems, and to the larger issue of Fox trying to defend an indefensible asshat who may well have sold his country out to the Russians: Trump needs to testify under oath to the Congressional committees investigating him and cooperate fully with independent counsel Robert Mueller. An innocent person has nothing to fear from an inquiry into his actions. However, a guilty man will dig in his heels, lie, and try to attack those looking into his past. If Trump, as he maintains, is truly innocent, he has nothing to worry about.

But one look at Trump’s Twitter feed shows you he’s very worried. Probably because he’s guilty as homemade sin. And that’s not fake at all.

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