Ivanka Trump ‘Don’t Use My Story’: Girls Who Code Founder BLASTS Daddy’s ‘Complicit’ Puppet

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump girls who code Featured image via YouTube.

Ivanka Trump recently got served by Reshma Saujani, CEO and founder of the ‘Girls Who Code’ (a nonprofit for women aspiring to work in the tech industry.)

On Twitter, Saujani addressed Ivanka’s reference to her in her new book titled “Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules of Success“, by straight up telling the billionaire brat, “don’t use my story in #WomenWhoWork unless you are going to stop being #complicit”.

In the book, Ivanka Trump used Saujani as a prop to bolster her “feminist” street cred. She told readers that the tech CEO, “personally witnessed the gender gap in computing classes and set out to do something about it”.

In her tweet, Saujani accused Ivanka of being “complicit” in Donald Trump’s anti-woman agenda.

Here are 14 examples courtesy of Americanprogress.org of how the Trump administration has been detrimental to the advancement of women in America.

  1. Delayed increases in overtime.
  2. Slashed support for military caregivers.
  3. Blocked pay transparency protections.
  4. Helped bad employers who repeatedly violate the law.
  5. Eliminated child care for military families.
  6. Endangered women’s retirement security.
  7. Failed to advance equal pay.
  8. Threatens child care assistance.
  9. Stalled paid family and medical leave.
  10. Impairs FMLA enforcement.
  11. Cuts nurse training.
  12. Drops LGBTQ seniors and people with disabilities from data collection.
  13. Made student debt harder to pay off.
  14. Impedes workforce access for people with disabilities.

Read more about each topic here.

Ivanka Trump’s daddy is destroying lives left and right while his children, friends, and extended family reap more riches and power. It’s high time someone called this fake feminist wannabe out.

Rock on, Reshma Saujani.

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