GOP Congressman Refuses To Say If Every American Is Entitled To Food

The Trump Administration’s proposed 2018 budget would cut $193 billion from the SNAP program–i.e. food stamps–over a 10 year period, an amount equal to more than one-quarter of the program’s cost over that period. It’s as if President Trump is declaring that hunger isn’t a problem in the United States. That, or he’s letting us all know he doesn’t give a damn if children go to bed hungry at night.

While some Republicans have declared much of the Trump budget proposal to be dead on arrival in Congress, Nebraska Republican Adrian Smith was recently asked by a reporter with National Public Radio (NPR) if he thought every American is “entitled to eat.” To that query, Smith replied:

“Well, nutrition obviously we know is very important and I would hope that we can look to ―”

The NPR reporter interrupted to remind Congressman Smith:

“Well, not just important, it’s essential for life.”

Yes, Smith agreed, nutrition is indeed essential to human life.

The reporter again gave Smith a chance to to bail himself out, asking:

“So is every American entitled to eat and is food stamps something that ought to be that ultimate guarantor?”


“I think we know that given the necessity of nutrition, there could be a number of ways that we could address that.”

Would reductions in food stamps be one of the ways? Smith refused to say one way or the other, and he also declined to say that every single American–pregnant women, little children, veterans, the elderly–should be guaranteed food as part of being a citizen of this country.

But the mere fact that Congressman Smith refused to say that every American is entitled to food is what’s most disturbing here. Using his logic, we can also ask ourselves:

  • Should we pay members of Congress more than a dollar a day?
  • Should we make Representatives and Senators work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week until they solve the problems of inequity which plague this country?
  • Should Congressman Smith be allowed to open his fat, ignorant mouth the next time a debate comes up in the House of Representatives?
  • Did Congressman Smith have his heart and soul removed at birth, or was he born without them?

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