God Smites Tornado-Riddled Trumplandia HARD Over ‘100-Day-Weekend’ – At Least 16 Killed (VIDEO)

What does the Lord do when he is deeply ashamed of his fanatical faux-news slurping Trump-voting flock?

God Smite Obviously!

He takes a deep breath, Sky Daddy-style… And sends in his posse of life-snuffing tornadoes, vengeful storms, and horrifying floods to shake those poor souls in the red states back to reality.

This weekend, however, was even a little more epic than usual. At least 16 people were killed throughout the Bible Belt, (also known as the Incest Belt) and the Midwest.

For An Added Bonus…

God also dumped a rare late-season blizzard in western Kansas.

(See kids, we told you how powerful a snowflake could be. Especially when they gather by the millions… Trillions in this case.)

One must wonder why God Almighty decided this was the weekend to reign biblical terror upon the Trump-voting masses? Possibly in celebration of Donald’s failed 100 days in office?

Now, I’m no weatherman, nor am a preacher — but it’s hard to argue the timing, huh?

Red State Victims Of God’s Wrath:

  • Four people killed in East Texas (tornadoes)
  • Three people killed/2 still missing in Arkansas (flooding and winds)
  • Two-year-old girl killed in Tennessee (struck by a metal soccer goal post which was sent airborne by ferocious winds)
  • Volunteer fire department chief was killed in north-central Arkansas (struck by a vehicle while checking water levels; his death is considered storm-related)
  • Two children still missing; an 18-month-old girl and a 4-year-old boy in northwest Arkansas (vehicle was swept off a bridge by floodwaters)
  • Ten-year-old girl killed in northwest Arkansas (drowned)
  • Body of a woman killed in Arkansas found (disappeared riding an inner tube was found later in a creek)
  • Sixty five-year-old woman killed In the eastern part of Arkansas (struck and killed in her home by a falling tree)
  • One person killed in Central Mississippi (storm-related death; Mississippi Emergency Management Agency didn’t give details)
  • Child killed east of Jackson, Mississippi (electrically shocked in flooding waters)
  • Seventy two-year-old wife killed in southwestern Missouri (husband tried to save her from floodwaters that swept away their vehicle; her body was found later when the water receded)
  • Another death from the weekend flooding in Missouri was just announced by Gov. Eric Greitens (details about the victim or the circumstances have yet to be released)

The National Weather Service said on Monday that “major to record flooding” continued over portions of the central U.S., including Oklahoma, northern Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

Rivers are expected to gradually recede over the next few days.

Here is just some of the decimation:

Let’s pray this reign of terror is over for these folks. Let’s hope Trump helps them rebuild. (I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.)

Don’t forget to send “hopes and prayers.”

Why Does God Hate Trumplandia?

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