Conservative Co-Host Of ‘The View’ Gets Schooled For Dismissing Trump-Russia Reports

The conservative brain, it seems, is quite different from a normal one.

That was proven on Tuesday’s edition of The View, when conservative co-host Jedediah Bila said she was outraged by reports which surfaced last week suggesting that senior White House adviser Jared Kushner had attempted to set up a secret line of communication between the White House and Kremlin. Bila commented:

“This accusation, I don’t know if it’s true — I think we should find out of it’s true — it doesn’t make any sense to me. This looks like it could be a Russia plant, potentially.”

Co-host Joy Behar asked Bila why exactly the Russians would suddenly turn on Kushner and Trump if they stand to benefit from being in good with the two. She also reminded the panel that Kushner was badly in need of money during the transition to help cover his losses from a bad real estate deal he made:

“If he’s so naïve, if he’s such a smart and good guy, then why is it a secret meeting? These are the questions Americans are asking.”

As a defense, Bila blurted out:

“Why should we — why should we believe it?”

Behar countered that former FBI Director James Comey chose to futher investigate the matter of Hillary Clinton’s emails right before the election even though he knew the additional information he had received might be false:

“This is fake news. Why doesn’t he tell us what he knows at that time?”

Bila, who once worked at Fox News, is typical of the low-information Republican electorate that chooses to buy whatever bullshit conspiracy theory being peddled by Breitbart or Alex Jones, only to discount reports from credible publications when they contradict their own simplistic view of both the world and their political heroes. Their massive cognitive dissonance is simultaneously laughable and pathetic.

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