C-SPAN Caller DESTROYS Joe ‘You Lie’ Wilson For Saying Dems Need To Give Trump A Chance

You remember South Carolina GOP Congressman Joe Wilson, don’t you? He’s the douche weasel who shouted out “You lie!” during President Obama’s 2009 State of the Union address. But now Wilson is advocating that we all give the illegitimate POTUS currently in office a chance.

Appearing on C-SPAN Wednesday, Wilson whined:

“The level of discourse should be more positive. In February of 2009, President Obama came to the Capitol Building and spoke to the Republican conference. And he announced at that time that he would be making every issue to address the deficit.

“I gave him the benefit of the doubt for three months. For three months, I said, ‘Hey, hope and change, we’re going to address the deficit.’ But that’s not what happened.”

Then a man from Michigan called into the program and took issue with the lies Wilson had just tried to pass of on viewers, telling him:

“I find your presentation to be absolutely just hypocritical. You’re the same person who yelled ‘You lie!’ to the president when he was making a speech on the floor. And here you support Donald Trump who is totally incompetent knows nothing and is about to get us into another war. His whole approach to North Korea is stupid.

“Here he is giving away secrets to the Russians in the Oval Office!. “And you give him your unqualified support.”

Stunned, Wilson was unable to respond other than saying he was “very, very pleased” with a traitor as Commander-in-Chief, and then added:

“The appointments that he’s made, beginning with Mike Pence, is gee whiz as vice president. America is so fortunate.”

Fortunate?! We’re just fortunate Trump hasn’t gotten us into a nuclear war yet, Joe! And when both Trump and Pence are gone via impeachment or resignation, we might finally be able to call ourselves halfway fortunate once again. Then again, that means Paul Ryan would be president, so I guess we’d be screwed again.

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