Turns Out We May Get To See Those Trump Tax Returns After All, Thanks To These Dems

Taxes. As Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote: “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.” And while that’s certainly true, most of us don’t relish paying them.

Does Donald Trump pay taxes? Maybe. He swears he does, but as with nearly everything Trump says, you have to take his words with several cartons of salt.

Why does Trump refuse to release his tax returns? It could be one of a few reasons:

  • He pays nothing and knows the rest of us will be pissed of when we find out.
  • He isn’t as rich as he claims to be.
  • He has loans and financial relationships with countries and individuals that are, shall we say, questionable.

So Trump digs in his heels and says no when asked if he will release his taxes for our perusal.

But thanks to some Democratic state legislators in New York, Trump may soon have no choice but to show us the money.

Four lawmakers in New York state have crafted legislation which would require that state Tax and Finance department release online five years of state returns from the president, vice president, governor, attorney general, comptroller and U.S. senators. These specified officials would have to release their adjusted gross income, deductions and total taxes due, among other information once a year for all future tax years.

New York state Sen. Brad Hoylman had this to say about the bill:

“This bill really is bigger than one person. The practice of releasing tax returns has been a political norm for all these decades for an important reason: It’s been a window into an elected official’s financial, personal and business dealings.”

Since Trump’s primary residence remains in New York City, there would seem to be no way he could get around this bill were it to become law. Would he fight the law in court? Without question, but should he lose and be forced to hand over the information, what might we find lurking there? Only Trump, his accountants, and attorneys know for sure.

Stay tuned.

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