Trump’s Plans For Next Weekend Will Probably Make You Sick At Your Stomach

Next Saturday evening, April 29, the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner will be held in Washington, D.C. Our thin-skinned man-child of a president announced months ago that he would not be attending the dinner. But his plans for next Saturday are enough to put you off food for a week.

Where will Trump be on the evening of April 29? At a big rally he has planned in Pennsylvania:

Does this stupid fuck not realize that he won the election and there’s no need to campaign for another couple of years? The only reason he has these Nuremberg-style events is so he can bask in the applause from his terminally brain-dead supporters and spout off with lies they eat up like so much whipped cream.

April 29 is also significant in another way: It will be the 100th day of Trump’s already failed presidency. So you can expect him to tell that rapturous crowd in Pennsylvania that he’s accomplished more in his first 100 days than any person in the history of the world.

Donald, we all know you’re a massive failure who cannot even manage to tie your own shoes without consulting an illustration. There’s really no need to dig the hole you’re in any deeper.

But he will dig it deeper, and pretty soon he may even dig all the way to the Kremlin so he can see his good friend Vladimir anytime he gets the notion.

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