Trump Sends B.S. Tweet About Dems Shutting Down Gov., And Maxine Waters CHECKMATES His A**

maxine waters
Maxine Waters and Trump Featured image via YouTube.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump was in full panic mode as he tweeted blame of a possible government shutdown on Democrats. However, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Cali.) quickly and brutally shut that shit down. Hard.

Damn son…

As Trump continues to sputter like a car running out of gas, it looks like Democrats may be picking up steam. So far they’ve been able to kick Trump’s orange ass on social media, Television, and in Congress.

However, keeping that up for four years (or until he’s impeached) won’t be easy.

So while lawmakers like Waters continue to do their jobs and block as much of Trump’s destructive agenda as they can, it’s our jobs to send them some reinforcements in 2018.

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