Trump Bragged About ‘Record Breaking’ Crowd In PA–These Photos Prove That’s Bulls*it

At his rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Saturday evening, Donald Trump told the crowd that had assembled to hear him that the expo center was packed full and people were still lined up outside trying to get in, but the venue was just too small.

Of course, that was a complete lie. Numerous reporters said there were rows of empty seats and even took pictures to document Trump’s latest eruption of verbal bullshit:

Looks like plenty of seats were still available, and while Trump was bragging to the crowd that he skipped the White House Correspondent’s Dinner to be with them in Harrisburg, it sure appears that not everyone agreed it was so wonderful to see the so-called president in their town.

Trump also commented that anyone who was back in Washington for the Correspondent’s Dinner was stuck at “very, very boring’ event.” As if there could be anything more boring than listening to a self-absorbed pathological liar go on about how great he is over solid hour.

Even though admission to the Pennsylvania event was free, something tells me lots of folks wanted to ask for their wasted time back when it was all over with.

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