House Oversight Committee Democrats HELLBENT Forcing Release Of Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump's tax returns
Trump’s tax returns featured image via YouTube

Just days before Donald Trump’s 100 days deadline, House Oversight Committee Democrats being led by ranking member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) are demanding a vote on a bill that would force the release of Trump’s tax returns.

In a letter to outgoing Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, Democrats wrote:

“As Members of Congress, we have the ability and duty to legislate in order to promote government transparency, combat conflicts of interest, and ensure compliance with the Constitution. H.R. 305 has bipartisan support both on and off our Committee, and we believe Members should be allowed to vote on this bill.”

In addition to House Democrats, there are four Republicans who are co-sponsoring the bill. Reps. Justing Amash (Mich.), Walter Jones (N.C.), Mark Sanford (S.C.), and Ted Yoho (Fla.).

And while Democrats do not yet have enough Republican votes to get the bill out of committee, most GOP members of the committee, as well as other GOP lawmakers, are feeling the heat back home to force Trump’s tax returns into the public record.

Meanwhile, the administration continues to stonewall any and all attempts to access Trump’s tax returns. Here’s a video of Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin blithely dismissing the question of his boss’s tax returns.

The importance of the 2018 congressional elections can not be stressed hard or often enough. We must vote these assholes out of office, or else we’d better get used to this kind of daily contempt for the American people from Trump’s administration.

It’s time to remind these motherfuckers that they work for us!


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