YIKES!: This New FOX NEWS Re-Election Poll Is Gonna Make Trump Lose His Sh*t

fox news poll
fox news poll featured image via YouTube.

It’s fair to say that President Donald Trump isn’t having the best of weeks. And thanks to the newest Fox News poll, it just got much worse.

According to the Fox News poll, 36 percent of Voters would re-elect Trump in 2020, while the majority of those polled said they would vote for his opponent.

Just to pile on, let’s also look at what’s going on this week.

He has a Federal Judge blocking yet another one of his illegal executive orders.

He’s about to lose big on health care reform…again.

And the 100-day benchmark is closing in, and he’s accomplished absolutely nothing unless you count waging war on the free press, insulting America’s allies while pointlessly provoking its adversaries, and spending taxpayer dollars to finance his 19 plus golf trips to his expensive Mar-a-Lago resort.

And by the way, his resort charges 200K for membership which apparently grants guests access to the president. Yup, no potential for foreign influence to see here folks. Now move along.



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