Former Clinton Adviser’s Reaction To Palin, Nugent, Kid Rock Photo Is Drop The Mic GENIUS!

Ever since the photo released on Thursday showing Kid Rock, Sarah Palin, and Ted Nugent standing next to an official White House portrait of former First Lady and New York Senator Hillary Clinton, many pundits and commentators have been trying to best express just how ridiculous the three talentless turd whistles in the photo look.

And we now have a winner. The award goes to former adviser to President Clinton, Paul Begala, who had this to say on CNN Thursday evening:

“It’s a white-trash Mount Rushmore. I love it. Look at them. That’s just perfect.”

Yes!  A white-trash Mount Rushmore! That captures it perfectly.

Fellow panelist David Gergen–who has advised FOUR former presidents–agreed with Begala, noting:

“Look, it’s one thing to poke fun but the White House is a special place for all the people. Those pictures are offensive, that’s the way a lot of people will see it on the other side.”

Offensive? Hey, that’s Donald Trump’s middle name, and he wasn’t even in the pictures. No doubt he was too busy getting his marching orders from Vladmir Putin to participate.

White-trash Mount Rushmore! That is freaking golden!

Mr. Begala, you may now drop the mic. You win the internet for the week.

Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab

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