FAKE Democratic TX Mayor Says Poverty Is Caused By Lazy ‘Broken People’ Who Need More Jesus

The mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Ivy Taylor, told a group of conservative Christians that she believes poor people are responsible for their own poverty.

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She was speaking to the Christian coalition and she was asked what the systemic causes of poverty are. She said:

“Since you’re with the Christian Coalition, I’ll go ahead and put it out there that to me, it’s broken people. People not being in a relationship with their creator and therefore not being in a good relationship with their families and their communities and not being productive members of society.”

She conceded that she couldn’t address those religious issues as mayor, but she then talked about education as being “the great equalizer.” She also talked about the issue of teen pregnancy. She actually made a decent point there, because many teen parents are unemployed or underemployed.

She should’ve just left that bit about religion out of it. She’s an elected official. She shouldn’t be concerned with peoples’ relationships with their “creator.” I really hope she doesn’t actually call herself a Democrat. She is obviously a Christian, but blaming people for their poverty is not the way to fix the problem. Poor people need real help, not more Jesus.

Here is the video:

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