Crowd Boos Fake A** Ivanka Trump For Calling Daddy ‘Tremendous Champion’ Of Women’s Rights

Ivanka Trump, daughter and Playboy fantasy of President Donald Trump, was in Germany on Tuesday trying to polish her daddy’s shitty record on women’s issues.

Ivanka at a conference on stage as part of a panel that consisted of Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany and Christine Lagarde, managing editor of the International Monetary Fund.

She was asked about her official role in the White House as well as her daddy’s previous disrespectful comments about women.

And Ivanka Trump replied with the same can of dog shit she feeds Americans stating that her daddy’s “a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive.”

She smiled nervously as the crowd responded with moans, groans, and a few boos.

“You hear the reaction from the audience,” said the panel’s moderator, Miriam Meckel, editor in chief of WirtschaftsWoche. “I need to address one more point. Some attitudes toward women your father has displayed might leave one questioning whether he’s such an empowerer for women.”

Merkel was likely addressing the infamous Access Hollywood video which captured her daddy bragging about chasing after a married woman and using his “star” status to assault women by grabbing their “pussy sexually.”

Ivanka Trump regurgitated her carefully scripted response like the plastic mannequin she is, replying:

“I’ve certainly heard the criticism from the media, that’s been perpetuated.”

This remark prompted the crowd to laugh at her silly ass.

She continued, stating that her daddy’s businesses “are a testament to his belief and solid conviction in the potential of women and their ability to do the job as well as any man.”

So Ivanka, no one’s buying your fake ass defense of greasy, perverted sugar daddy anymore. Time to go back to hawking your shitty clothing Walmart.

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