Completely Out Of New Material, Trump Again Moans, ‘The Russia Story Was Made Up’

The illegitimate American head of state with the tiny hands has a really big problem: He’s only been in office for a little more than three months, but he’s already using recycled material when he gives an interview.

For example, as part of an interview he granted to Faux News, Trump had to respond and say something about the growing Russia scandal and the renewed focus on his former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, so he told Martha McCallum:

“The Russia story was made up because they [the Democrats] were embarrassed by their loss. They had this tremendous loss like nobody’s ever seen before.”

BORING! That’s the exact same shit you said in March, and also in February. It’s the same crap you’ve been saying ever since you won with the help of the Russians. The facts of the story are not “made up.” They have been verified on numerous occasions by at least 17 American intelligence agencies and several European ones, too.

Please, Donnie, at least write some new material. These reruns are not cutting it. If nothing else, just tell us you don’t give a damn what anyone says and then go about your business raping the country and ripping off the taxpayers every chance you get.

The only thing “made up” are the lies you tell us in the mistaken belief that we’ll buy them and let you off the hook. But that isn’t gonna happen. Not now, and not ever.

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