Bill O’Reilly Laughs Over United Airlines’ Violent Removal Of Passenger (VIDEO)

In yet another one of his ‘WTF‘ moments, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has found humor in the United Airlines scandal.

Dr. David Dao is the man who was violently dragged from his seat on a United Airlines flight. Although pretty much everyone has seen the footage, here’s a reminder:

Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

During a recent episode of the O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly aired the clip and laughed:

The ordeal left the 69-year-old with a concussion and a broken nose, not to mention damage to his sinuses. So we’re not sure what O’Reilly is laughing at.

Dao wasn’t being removed for being disorderly. United Airlines just had to get some of their employees to work the next day.

It’s also worth noting that O’Reilly has quite the short fuse. Back when he hosted Inside Edition, there was a famous teleprompter incident.

When he couldn’t read it, he said:

“we’ll do it live, fuck it! we’ll do it live! i’ll write it and we’ll do it live! fuckin’ thing sucks!”

Does this sound like a guy who would gladly give up his seat on an airplane? Or would it be more like this:

Source: Memes

H/T: Crooks And Liars

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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