Wanna Get Back At Republicans Who Voted To Repeal Internet Privacy Rules? Here’s How

Thanks to Republicans, earlier this week a bill was passed which suddenly gives your Internet Service Provider (ISP) the legal right to sell all of your browsing data to marketers, meaning they will be able to insert even more ads into your traffic and even place tracking cookies in internet traffic that can’t be deleted or traced.

But rather than getting angry, Adam McElhaney, a privacy advocate, has set up a set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the purpose of buying the internet histories of everyone who voted to repeal the FCC’s privacy protections. You can find the page at “Purchase Private Internet Histories.”

McElhaney says his plan is very simple:

“I plan on purchasing the Internet histories of all legislators, congressmen, executives, and their families and make them easily searchable at searchinternethistory.com.”

What kind of information? McElhaney is only too glad to explain:

“Everything from their medical, pornographic, to their financial and infidelity. Help me raise money to buy the histories of those who took away your right to privacy for just thousands of dollars from telephone and ISPs.  Your private data will be bought and sold to marketing companies, law enforcement.”

The original goal for the project was to raise $10,000. But in just three days the account has donations totaling over $102,000 and rising.

Personally, I cannot wait to see what kind of sick shit Mitch McConnell looks at on his computer.

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