The Internet Has Some Interesting Ideas About Who Should Star In Trump-Russia: The Movie

With all the interesting happenings taking place in Washington these days, it seems only a matter of time before Hollywood comes calling and decides to make Trump-Russia: The Movie.

All great movies require two basic elements: A superb script and inspired casting. But who would play some of the key roles? The internet is weighing in on the matter, and here’s some of what we have so far:

Donald Trump

Could this be more obvious? Clearly, it’s gotta be Alec Baldwin

James Comey

What actor came to mind? I drew a blank, but thankfully there’s plenty of talent and creativity on the internet, and we have Kyle Chandler as the FBI Director:

Steve Bannon

The minute you see this one, you’ll say, “Yes! Brilliant!”

Rex Tillerson

Mike Flynn

Kellyanne Conway

This, my friends, is the most inspired casting of them all. Just think about it…

Good luck getting that image out of your head!

h/t Mashable

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