NAACP Calls For Firing Of Douchebag Science Teacher After His Racist Rant About The Obamas

Parents in Arkansas are calling for this teacher’s resignation after he made disgusting racist remarks about the First Family on Facebook. Trent Bennett is a science teacher at Malvern High School.

Trent Bennett is a science teacher at Malvern High School. One post he made referred to “Michelle Obummer….America’s First Chimp.” When asked about this, he just doubled down on his comments. He called the First Lady a “nasty chimp,” and he called President Barack Obama a “spider monkey.”

Rizelle Aaron, president of the Arkansas State Conference of the NAACP, said:

“Someone like Mr Bennett that has his mindset and believes this, has no business molding the minds of children that will lead us into the future. If the allegations are true, he needs to resign, if he doesn’t, then the NAACP will do everything we have legally to make sure he is terminated.”

I agree! This racist prick doesn’t need to be a teacher.

The school district posted this on their Facebook page.

Featured image via Twitter.

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